Room Hire

Booking a room or hall with catering.

Booking a room or hall & catering

Rooms and halls are booked by sessions. A session is a morning, afternoon or twilight/evening. So for example, a booking for a full day, but not evening, would be 2 sessions

Claire & Anne are in the office daily and Saturday morning (but not Saturdays in August) to help meet your needs. Please call on 01425 472 613. If you email please try and give as much information as you can, such as kind of event, preferred date(s), any catering needs and numbers expected. Many thanks!

Booking a room or hall & catering

Rooms and halls are booked by sessions. A session is a morning, afternoon or twilight/evening. So for example, a booking for a full day, but not evening, would be 2 sessions. Charges vary according to a number of factors, including the day and time, possible use of a kitchen and any equipment loans. In addition, the rates are adjusted based on the hirer and there are 4 levels to reflect this – affiliated clubs/societies, classes, non-affiliated group/societies and commercial. In giving “session rates from” alongside and below, please understand these are simply to give some indication and help for your planning. As explained, the final actual session charge may be more.

There are several options to help you – for example, you can choose to have full use of a kitchen, including crockery so you can manage your own catering. Or you can prepare your food outside, but still have some kitchen use.

Another choice is to hire your tables, chairs, covers etc from outside. A wedding reception in Summer 2016 used “Dine-In” based at 506, Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth, tel 01202 526 121 and website (click to open) Please see below the “Ann Rose Hall” image for how this looked.

The Greyfriars Special Events team can manage catering for Greyfriars members or Greyfriars clubs – for example, a celebration lunch, a tea, or meal in the evening. Please ask the Office for a quote.

For more information please also click on “Hire Details”, which you will find on the main menu bar.

To find out exact hire costs, availability and to book a room, please contact the Greyfriars Office where you will find Claire and Anne keen to help and advise.


Room 3

Room 3 A small attic room Size: 3.7m x 3.6m Book this room Price Affiliated


Room 2

Room 2 This low room in the attic runs the whole width of the front of the house. Size:


Reading Room

Reading Room An ideal space for small groups, meetings or classes. Size: 4.2m x 4m Book this


Committee Room

Committee Room Often set up as a committee room and can seat up to 12 people. Size: 4.1m x 3.3m


Sitting Room

Sitting Room A bright, airy room ideal for small meetings, facing the front of the building with two bay windows


Room 1

Room 1 A pleasant room, the largest on the first floor, with the window in a curved wall looking out


Megan Holman Room

Megan Holman Room This is a pleasant room for exhibitions, meetings and other gatherings. It is also open daily from


Hilary Christy Room

Hilary Christy Room This room runs the length of the ground floor with French windows overlooking the lawn Size:


Activities Centre

Activities Centre This is a stand-alone building behind the library with easy access from the Blynkbonnie car park. It is


Ebenezer Hall

Ebenezer Hall This hall was redeveloped in 2009 and opens onto a small foyer and potential bar area. There is


Ann Rose Hall

Ann Rose Hall Opened in 1990 in memory of a founder member of Greyfriars, this hall opens onto a small


Greyfriars Hall

Greyfriars Hall One side of this hall opens to a courtyard 10m square. The hall is air-conditioned and has a