Week at Greyfriars and latest Newsletter

More information about clubs and organisations is available in our Week at Greyfriars also available to collect at Reception.

Please note that if you are planning to attend a session for the first time, it may be wise to check first with the named organiser. For example, there might be a break because of holidays, or perhaps another reason.

We really hope there is something here of interest and that if you do join a club or society it brings much pleasure and friendship.

The link below gives a snapshot of the regular clubs, classes and activities that meet here at Greyfriars during a typical week.

To view and download our latest Greyfriars News, our very own Greyfriars Newsletter,  click on the link below.

Greyfrairs News September 2019

ISSUE 25 final

Week at Greyfriars

20th August 2019 – view and download

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