Starting next week…a new cookery school for children from  the age of two, on Thursdays throughout the whole day.

Healthy and nutritional ingredients – sessions are fun, tasty and sometimes a little messy- aprons provided!

Play, try , taste, cook in  a group…even the fussiest eaters can be persuaded to try new tastes!

Taste Buds Cookery Classes offer children from the age of two, the chance to explore the world of food and learn how to cook fresh food, and after every session they get to take home something to eat that they have prepared themselves.

Children are naturally inquisitive and the classes are a fabulous way to allow them to play, try, test, taste and cook in a group and without having any tidying up to do in your own kitchen!

For more details call on 07844094852 or  visit the Taste Buds website