Sandie Wills who has been teaching Pilates at Greyfriars for over a year is launching a new daytime beginners class on Wednesday mornings, here at Greyfriars.

Following on from the success of her evening classes on Mondays and Wednesdays the morning class will help those new to Pilates and there is a choice of a 9.30 or 10.45 class. 

3 good reasons to do Pilates

Change the way you look

Pilates provides a whole body workout leading to flatter abs, firmer glutes and long, lean, sculpted muscles – quickly. Each exercise can be adapted so Pilates is suitable for people of all levels – you can work as hard as you like. As your deep, core muscles strengthen, posture is improved making you stand taller and straighter and look slimmer.

Change the way you move

Pilates improves posture, flexibility and joint mobility through strengthening neglected, deep core muscles. 

Change the way you feel

Pilates has been shown to combat back pain, relieve stress, promote body awareness and reduce blood pressure

For more information and to book a place Tel: 07984 127117 

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