A Sad Farewell

Many of your readers will be familiar with one of Ringwood’s landmark trees. Situated on the corner of Greyfriars Community Centre in Ringwood this beautiful Blue Atlas Cedar has graced the local landscape for many years. Some five years ago we sadly discovered that it was suffering from a fungal infection which was irreversible. This has meant that high winds have increasingly posed a safety risk to the public from falling limbs, some of which weigh several tons. However, through the good offices of a number of local experts and the Local Authority Senior Tree Officer a safety procedure was established at that time which was followed whenever high winds were forecast. This ensured as far as possible that for the last five years public safety was managed and that the public were safeguarded.

Recent surveys have sadly shown that the fungal infection has continued its inexorable advance, and that the safety measures adopted are no longer adequate. The risks to the public from retention of the cedar are no longer sustainable and are uninsurable. As a consequence, formal permission to fell the tree is about to be sought.

In anticipation of this sad day Greyfriars Community Centre took advantage of a generous offer from Ringwood Town Council and its Councillors to fund a replacement English Oak, and this was planted at the opposite end of the Greyfriars lawn to commemorate Jubilee Year. It is flourishing and in due course will grow into a worthy replacement for the cedar.

For further information please contact Claire Alexander, Manager, Greyfriars Community Centre