Ringwood Musical & Dramatic Society RMDS Summer Show at Greyfriars at 7.30 pm on 24th to 28th July book tickets now.

The RMDS is a much loved local Music and Drama group with over 200 members so the shows and performances are unique and diverse and hugely entertaining.

It’s a real Diamond

There are many shows throughout the year including their annual Summer Show and this year is a real Diamond, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Greyfriars.

Tickets are available to purchase at Greyfriars office or online.

Become a member of the RMDS

If this is something you really enjoy then why not join the RMDS and become a member? Become a part of an amazing group of people, build in confidence and have fun. Lots of opportunities for all levels and even those that don’t want to be on stage.

Visit the website to download the membership booklet.