Ringwood Chess Club

Ringwood Chess Club was founded over 65 years ago to promote playing chess in the town and surrounding area.

It meets every Monday to play friendly games, and also runs six teams in three local leagues. The club was very successful last season, winning both the Southampton and Dorset premier leagues. Whilst it would be nice to continue that success, the clubs focus is on providing chess players of all ages and playing strength the opportunity to play at whatever level they wish.

This season, home games in the premier Dorset league are being held on Monday evenings at Greyfriars, and we are looking to increase our usage in the future.

The club is planning an “OPEN EVENING” on Monday the 21st of October from 7:30 in the Megan Holman Room, where you will get the opportunity to play, and members will be available to answer any questions you may have about the game and the club. 

Do come along and find out more. 

For more details the club website is www.ringwoodchessclub.org.uk