Why is the Parish Church, and Greyfriars floodlit purple ?

Ringwood Rotary club is joining other Rotary clubs around the world in supporting World Polio day 2018. Rotary members throughout Great Britain and Ireland are holding Purple4polio events to raise awareness and attract donations for the Rotary campaign to End polio Now and forever. Rotary is grateful that the Parish Church and Greyfriars and the lighting specialist who have been supportive in making people aware of this cause and has allowed for the buildings to be floodlit purple each night this week.

The colour purple represents the colour of the dye placed on a child’s finger to show they have been immunised against the disease. With millions of children vaccinated every year, in many instances in mass events that happen in a few days, this makes it easier to see who is protected and who is not. When the campaign was started there were thousands of cases worldwide each year, now it is only a few in just three countries. The aim is to make this none.

In the last few days you will have seen Ringwood Parish Church and Greyfriars illuminated in purple in recognition of World Polio day. You may also see in the spring purple crocuses planted in support of the cause. Since 1985 rotary has raised millions of pounds and if you would also like to fight polio you can donate by contacting Ringwood Rotary Club on enquiries @ringwoodrotary.org.uk or by buying a crocus pin available from shops and Greyfriars in the town.

The floodlighting was carried out by a local Lighting company, Light Contrast, who specialise in event lighting. The team of Ryan Dell and Richard Fagan have been undertaking and designing dynamic solutions to events and have recently come back from undertaking special lighting for an event on HMS Queen Elizabeth in New York

Click on the link to find out more about this incredible story  https://www.rotarygbi.org/projects/purple4polio/materials-and-resources/