Activities Centre

Activities Centre This is a stand-alone building behind the library with easy access from the Blynkbonnie car park. It is used primarily by activity groups and is equipped with its own kitchen and toilet facilities. Size: 15.5m x 11.2m Height: 3.20m (from centre), 2.87m (from edge capacity: 150 seated Room availability

Ebenezer Hall

Ebenezer Hall This hall was redeveloped in 2009 and opens onto a small foyer and potential bar area. There is a drop down screen and also a sound system. It has its own well-equipped kitchen with dishwasher. Size: 11.2m x 7m Height 3.56m capacity: 100 seated, 80 dining

Ann Rose Hall

Ann Rose Hall Opened in 1990 in memory of a founder member of Greyfriars, this hall opens onto a small foyer and potential bar area. It has its own well-equipped kitchen. Size: 9m x 7.5m Height 3.84m capacity: 100 seated, 70 dining Check availability

Greyfriars Hall

Greyfriars Hall One side of this hall opens to a courtyard 10m square. The hall is air-conditioned and has a well-equipped kitchen, including dishwasher. There is also ceiling projection and a screen for presentations etc Size: 15m x 6.5m Height 2.76m capacity: 150 seated, 80 dining Room availability

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