This is a weekly course, ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about using the 38 Bach flower remedies in various therapeutic applications.

Junko Norman will provide insight and encourage discussion on “Yin Yang five-person personality diagnosis” 

In addition, she will briefly talk about various case studies and examples of using Bach flower remedies and their specific applications and which remedies to use to treat different emotions/symptoms.

What will you learn?

How to use the 38 Bach flower remedies for emotional balance and wellbeing. 

Who is the course suitable for:

Those new to Bach Flower essences – please consult Junko before enrolling on the course.

Those already working with flower essences as a therapist.

People who want to work as an advisor, instructor using Bach flower remedies.

Who am I?

I am Japanese, a mum of 3, living in the UK. I experienced the natural disasters in 2011 and started using flower essences / homoeopathy treatments for myself and my family. These have subsequently helped us tremendously and I want to connect with local people who are also passionate about flower essences. 

Start date   Fridays , 9-10:30 AM ( Around April to start – TBA )

Contact details

Junko Norman


10 courses for £240 person