Ikebana is the art of beautifully arranging cut stems, leaves, and flowers in vases and other containers that evolved in Japan over seven centuries.

The choice of what flowers to arrange is guided by the desire to create harmony between flower and container and to find flowers that blend in well with its surroundings.

Although layer after layer of flowers are used in Western floral arrangements, in ikebana, the key consideration is to use as few stems and leaves as possible in composing elegant contours that highlight the flowers’ beauty.

Applicable students of this course:

Those are new to Ikebana are welcome . We all need tools to prepare ( Pin needle, Bowl, Scissors)

Who am I ?

I am Japanese, a mum of 3, living in UK. Experienced natural disasters in 2011 and started using Ikebana / nature healing method to my family. Now my family is all good, so I want to be connected with people who are also passionate about natural healing in UK!

Start date – coming soon     Thursday 10:30 – 12 ( monthly course (TBA) )

Contact : Junko Norman junkosinga@gmail.com

One lesson – £30 including flowers, bring your own bowl & tools (First tool set fee – £20 – pin holder fee)