Subjects are mostly history, music, literature and art. Day courses are sometimes held in November & January. Other courses are run over several weeks, typically 10am to 12 noon

One-off talks are also arranged where no booking is required.

The main contact: Doris Hughes: 01425 478764 or 475734 & email: [email protected] and address 16, The Glade, Ashley Heath, Ringwood BH24 2HR

Enrolments to Doris directly please, or through the Office (01425 472613), but as mentioned above, no booking needed for one-off talks as you can pay on the door. Availability though, may be limited for very popular sessions.

Please make cheques payable to: Greyfriars Community Association

An outline of the 2018 programme appears below.

Please also see the “Calendar” on the main menu for what is coming up, by month, and on which days. Leaflets available at Greyfriars and on notice boards; programme outline appears in GREYFRIARSnews

Weekly course starting January 2018

The English Language, Then and Now

4 weekly meetings starting Tuesday, 30 January 10am to 12 noon and run by Richard Hall

This course explores the history of our language over the past 1500 years and some of the most distinctive varieties. We shall discuss and analyse some famous speeches and what makes them memorable; we will examine the characteristics of children’s speech and we will dip into some of the many different varieties of language we can find – and use – in speech and writing. Fee £30


Weekly courses starting February and March 2018

Life in the Middle Ages

7 weekly meetings starting Friday, 2nd February, 10am to 12 noon and run by Nick Griffiths

Much of the Middle Ages is still with us – castles, cathedrals and villages – but there is a mass of archaeological and historical material that puts “flesh on the bones”. Topics will include Life in the Nunnery, Health and Disease, Castles, Farming and when 150 completely new towns were created in 300 years. Fee £50

The Kingston Lacy Collection and Others

4 weekly meetings starting Tuesday, 6th March, 10am to 12 noon and run by Helen Lange

Beginning with the art works of Kingston Lacy, we shall look at work by Velazquez, Va Dyck, Peter Iely and Rubens. All will be fully illustrated. Fee £30