A message from our Food Bank here in Ringwood…

Dear All,

I hope you and your families are well.
I just thought you would like an update on how the Ringwood Foodbank was coping in this present crisis.  Having had a good Harvest Collection and then an excellent Tesco Collection last November, which the club helped at, the Foodbank was well stocked with food as the crisis started.  Bearing in mind that the Foodbank is particular for those who find themselves suddenly in food poverty so, as you can imagine, they have been extremely busy over the last few weeks.  I have been in contact with Chris Lee, who took over the Chair from Geoff Ridgway when he had completed his term of office, today who tells me the stocks are holding up well but there are certain items they are short of.  These are:
Packet soup (not tins)
Tinned cold meat
Jars curry and other non tomato based sauces
Sponge puddings
Tinned rice puddings
Tinned custard
Tinned fruit
Tinned carrots
Can I remind you that there are permanent collection points in Ringwood Waitrose and Sainsbury which the Foodbank collects from regularly and so, even if you are not shopping for yourself, it is easy to donate.  Equally you can donate to the warehouse directly or find an up to date shopping list at the Foodbank website ringwood.foodbank.org.uk. Please pass this on to your friends and family.  If you would like further information then please let me know.
Look after yourselves
Tim Brigstocke