Each hall has its own well equipped kitchen, available to hire, either to provide refreshments or to prepare a full meal, in which case use of the walk in cold store is also available.

Two Airpots (hot water flasks) are available from the office, booked in advance please. These are useful for smaller groups not wanting to interrupt their session for a coffee break.

Greyfriars also has an oil drum barbeque to hire, perfect for summer events.

Tables and Chairs

The Centre is well equipped with chairs, for indoor and outside use, 6’ and 3’ trestle tables and a selection of different coloured tablecloths, which are available to hire for special occasions. Furniture in all halls and rooms (with the exception of the Committee Room) may be set up as wished.


A movable bar is available for use in Greyfriars, Ann Rose and Ebenezer Halls.


The team of Greyfriars’ caretakers do their best to set up rooms and halls, in accordance with prior instructions. Hirers are more than welcome to set up their own space if preferred, as long as the office is informed of what is required in the way of tables and chairs, etc. in advance.

The team will also clear the rooms after use ready to set up for the next user.

The caretakers are also responsible for the daily cleaning and tidying of the Centre. However, they are not on site all the hours that the Centre is open, so it is appreciated if users leave the halls, rooms and especially kitchens in a reasonable condition.

Affiliated Organisations