Greyfriars Clubs

To be a “Greyfriars Club” all members are required to also be individual members of the Association.  This involves paying a personal annual subscription to Greyfriars each September.  From 1 September 2017 this was increased to £13.50 per person, or double membership £25.

The fee for Affiliated Clubs is £21 per club or organisation, also from 1 September 2017.

Greyfriars Club Benefits

Greyfriars clubs enjoy certain additional benefits which are outlined in the Handbook

To check when clubs are typically meeting, please go to the page “The Week at Greyfriars“.

Please click on the orange button above for a list of “Affiliated Organisations“, some of whom run “Classes”.

If you decide to join any club or organisation at Greyfriars we sincerely hope it is a positive and enjoyable experience.

Application form for Affiliated Clubs

Affiliated Clubs

Click here for Affiliated Organisations