EXERCISE TO INDEPENDENCE presented by Physiotherapy-to-your-home

Our classes are fun exercises to great music aimed at 60+population, but not exclusively. Each session includes a warm up, cardiovascular workout, strengthening section, balancing, cool down and a short meditation. We don’t go on the floor. All our classes provide safe and caring environment for you and there is always a qualified physiotherapist to talk to.


This class is for anyone who wants to build up stamina, challenge and improve cardiovascular fitness, improve stability and balance, have a laugh and feel amazingly good afterwards. Routines are changed every 3-4 months, so you will get the hang of it!


This class is for anyone wanting to improve their confidence, cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and positive outlook on life. The atmosphere is very friendly enabling to pace yourself according to your own abilities.


This class is for anyone less confident or less mobile, it is suitable for wheelchair users or anyone managing to walk short distances, who wants to boost their confidence, improve flexibility, co-ordination, cardiovascular fitness and strength while being in a safe environment. During the class there is an option to do exercises in sitting or standing. You will meet lot of new and supportive friends.


It is a feel good class. The exercises are good fun, the music is great. I feel fitter and I get less cramp in my legs. Please keep going.”

“This is a knowledgeable exercise class. It keep me active, my legs are stronger and I am less stiff. I really enjoy the comradeship amongst us.”

“ My walking has improved since coming to the class. There is a friendly atmosphere and the instructors are caring.”

“Since coming to the exercise classes my mobility and posture has improved and I have more energy. The class is very friendly and I get help with my problems”

Martina Kaucka

Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist, MCSP

tel: 07810876399

[email protected]


Alexander Technique Teacher

Member of the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique, MSTAT