Greyfriars Essentials

These are the terms and conditions of Greyfriars.

How Greyfriars is managed

Greyfriars Essentials

These notes briefly outline the following:


  1. How Greyfriars is Managed
  2. Facilities, Services and Regular Events
  3. Individual Membership (entitlements)
  4. Greyfriars Clubs (entitlements)
  5. Affiliated Clubs (entitlements)

Please note there is a Greyfriars Constitution available through the Office


The Ringwood & District Community Association came into being in 1958, when our lovely Georgian building was bought from Miss Hilary Christy, fulfilling an express condition it should be used for the benefit of the community. Previously it had been a private house called Lonnens.

Since then, halls, rooms, an Activity Centre, kitchens and an office have been added and Greyfriars has become at the heart of the community.

The Association is an independent charity (Registered Charity No; 301929) and receives no core public funding. Therefore, it is totally sustainable from its own resources, principally income from room hire, special fund-raising events and subscriptions

1 – How Greyfriars is Managed

The Council

The Council is the governing body of the Association and responsible for policy.

Meeting three times a year in November, February and May, the Council comprises of the officers, twelve elected trustees from the membership (elected at the Annual General Meeting), a representative trustee from each of the Greyfriars Clubs, Affiliated Organisations and from the town and district councils. The Annual General Meeting is held in April each year.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on the second Monday evening each month with the exception of August and comprises of the Officers, six elected trustees (elected at the May Council meeting) and up to three co-opted trustees.

They are responsible for all matters pertaining to the day to day running of Greyfriars.

There are six sub-committees each reporting to the Executive Committee monthly. The Officers and Manager are ex-officio of all sub-committees.

The Office

The Manager and Deputy Manager are responsible for the day to day running of Greyfriars, carrying out both the policies of Council and decisions of the Executive Committee. The office is supported by a team of volunteers who run the Reception, deal with customer enquiries and assist with administration

Finance Sub Committee

The Finance Committee normally meets twice a year, to maintain an overall view of the Association’s general financial situation, and to make any recommendations seen as necessary to the Executive Committee for approval and action as appropriate.

At the Spring meeting, the Committee makes a recommendation for approval by the Association’s Council on the level of increase in membership and affiliation fees. A further task is the annual review of room rates and other charges, which go to the Executive Committee for approval.

At the Autumn meeting, the Committee discuss the financial figures for the year end of August and approve a budget for the forthcoming year.

Building & House Sub Committee

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the fabric and services within the buildings making up the Greyfriars complex, together with responsibility for complying with all the statutory legislation related to places where the public assemble.

This includes fire and safety aspects, risk assessments and the regular testing of equipment. The committee also leads on the management of the design and execution of new building works.

Health & Safety Sub Committee

The Association recognises and accepts its health and safety duties for providing a safe and healthy environment, so far as is reasonably practical for all users of the

Centre. To this end, the Health and Safety Sub-Committee regularly review the ongoing risks relating to the Centre and recommends remedial action where necessary.

Minibus Sub Committee

This committee takes responsibility for the two minibuses owned by Greyfriars, meeting regularly to review the running and maintenance of the vehicles, raising funds, setting hire fees and keeping abreast of all legislation pertaining to the running of a community bus service

The committee is also responsible for driver-training (MiDAS), ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

Special Events Sub Committee

The Special Events committee are a group of volunteers who provide catering for a wide range of events and social functions run at Greyfriars. These include luncheons, suppers, teas on the lawn and garden parties.

The Friends of Greyfriars

The Friends of Greyfriars is a separate, independent charity committed to supporting the Association and seeks to raise funds and to receive donations and legacies from well-wishers for that purpose. It therefore ensures the Association’s continuing financial viability.

Membership of the Friends of Greyfriars is open to all who support the Association. There is no membership subscription – all that is asked is a pledge of support, demonstrated by completion of a membership form.

Members are invited each year to a wine and cheese evening, which is combined with an Annual General Meeting!

74 Club Monthly Draw

This Club was formed in 1974 as a fund raising scheme for Ringwood and District Community Association. Since then it has been able to donate substantial monies to help with the development and running of Greyfriars.

Taking the form of a lottery, with a draw taking place each month. Anyone can enter.


Voluntary helpers are the backbone of Greyfriars without whom it could not function. For example, all roles on the Committees and Sub-Committees are voluntary.

Volunteers also daily staff the Megan Holman Room for coffees, work in the office, manage the website, run the book shop, drive the minibuses, act as escorts, work at fundraising events, help with decorating and maintenance around the centre and so on.

2. Facilities, Services & Regular Events

Greyfriars Pre-School

Greyfriars Pre-school was formed in 1961, one of the first pre-schools in the country. The Pre-school also run one parent and toddler session each week, encouraging social interaction for the very youngest in the community.

Book Shop

The Book Shop is open during office hours selling good quality second hand paperbacks and hardbacks. It is run by volunteers. Book donations are welcomed.

Megan Holman Room

Staffed by a team of volunteers, the Megan Holman Room serves as a Coffee Lounge daily between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon. It is also an area for formal and informal meetings, exhibitions of work and so on.

Special Events Team

The Special Events Team cater for a variety of social functions throughout the year, which can include luncheons, suppers, teas on the lawn and garden parties.

Moviola at Greyfriars

Between October and April, (not December) once a month, usually on the second Wednesday, latest films are shown at Greyfriars in association with Hampshire Moviola. Everyone is welcome, whether a member of Greyfriars or not. Tickets are available on the night, or in advance, but seats are not guaranteed unless bought in advance.

Greyfriars Challenge Quiz

Our new format quiz brings all of our Greyfriars’ clubs, groups and affiliated members together to pit their wits against each other . Held in January the quiz is a highlight of the year.


At the end of July, the Ringwood Musical and Dramatic Society produce their Summer Show for 5 days. Helpers prepare refreshments, including canapés


The Christmas Draw is launched in September. Every member is invited to buy and sell tickets during the autumn leading up to the Grand Draw coffee morning which usually takes place early in December.

3. Individual membership

The Annual membership subscriptions and individual donations contribute substantially to Greyfriars’ income, enabling the Association to care for the fabric and running costs of the Centre.

Members are entitled to:

* Reduced room hire rates for private functions.

* Membership of Greyfriars Clubs.

* Use of the member’s car park (on purchase of windscreen permit).

The membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August, and is payable through the Office

Gift Aid

As a registered charity, Greyfriars is entitled to reclaim a percentage of tax paid on any subscription or donation over £1.00.

This represents a significant increase to our income and would, therefore, be of considerable benefit to the Association if eligible members could sign a simple gift aid form (available from the office) which asks for name, address and signature, giving Greyfriars permission to claim.

Gift aid forms only need to be signed once for each charity. If you have completed a form for Greyfriars in the past it is not necessary to do so again.

You will however need to let the office know if your tax status changes so that you no longer pay tax.

You do not need to enter this on your tax return, unless you are a higher rate tax payer, in which case you will be able to claim additional tax relief on your self-assessment return.

4. Greyfriars Clubs

A club or society can apply to become a Greyfriars Club. This means all club members must be individual members of the Association, paying the relevant annual subscription to Greyfriars each September.

Greyfriars Clubs are entitled to:

* Public liability Insurance cover.

* Representation at the Association’s Council meetings held three times a year.

* Apply to Greyfriars for consent to sell alcohol using our premises licence.

* Hire rooms and halls at Greyfriars at the highest discounted rates.

* Hire the minibuses when available.

* Post information on the Greyfriars website and in the GREYFRIARSnews

* Place A5 posters and flyers in the centre to promote their events

5. Affiliated Organisations

Clubs or societies may apply to affiliate to the Association by paying an annual fee

Affiliated organisations are entitled to:-

* Representation at the Association’s Council meetings held three times a year

* Apply to Greyfriars for consent to sell alcohol using our premises licence.

* Hire rooms and halls at Greyfriars at discounted rates.

* Hire the minibuses when available.

* Post information on the Greyfriars website and in the GREYFRIARSnews

* Place A5 posters and flyers in the centre to promote their events

Handbook Summary

6. Accounts 2020-2021

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