Greyfriars Buddies

Will you be a Greyfriars Buddy?

Greyfriars Buddies

At Greyfriars, we know that many of our centre users and clubs have been doing wonderful things since we have all been in lockdown. We have really enjoyed keeping in touch with you all and some fantastic ideas have evolved as a result of everyone’s ingenuity.

And so…we would like to introduce to you, Greyfriars Buddies!

Why become a buddy? When we come together, doing the things we enjoy, we can help others and make them feel part of our community

As George Elliot said… “What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for others?


How can Buddies help the local community?

Doing acts of kindness…”no act of kindess, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.

  • So many of you are already helping others, we would love to hear more about what you are doing.

Continuing with Greyfriars Clubs online using Zoom, Skype etc

  • Keeping your club active, providing a sense of belonging and having fun.
  • If you need help setting up, Greyfriars Buddies can help you!

Appreciating that Greyfriars Community Centre is a charity.

  • If we want it to be there when life returns to normal, then we need to support it in these difficult times.

Supporting Greyfriars and other local charities.

  • Considering what it normally costs when meeting at Greyfriars and donating this amount by sharing this between Greyfriars and another local charity of your choice.
  • An example of this: Bridge Buddies have been meeting weekly, having lessons using Zoom, playing using Bridge Base Online, having fun, learning lots and donating their weekly fees: half to Greyfriars and half to Ringwood Food Bank.

Joining us in organising a fundraising event, no matter how small.

Ensuring that nobody feels obliged to contribute. It is entirely voluntary.

Encouraging others to join Greyfriars and become a Greyfriars Buddy!