Friends of Greyfriars

Friends of Greyfriars is a seperate Charity committed to supporting the Association and its home at Greyfriars.

Friends of Greyfriars

The Friends of Greyfriars is a separate and independent charity committed to supporting the Association and its home at Greyfriars, raising funds and welcoming donations and legacies from well-wishers for that purpose and, therefore, helping to ensure the Association’s continuing financial viability.

Membership of the Friends is open to all who support Greyfriars. There is no membership subscription — all we ask is a pledge of support demonstrated by your completing and returning the Application Form available from Greyfriars. Complete the application form attachment below, sign it and return it to the office.

We shall not badger you for money — or at least not until we embark on some major development project (but, of course, donations are always welcome!) – nor shall we ask you to join committees or come to meetings. Though we always have a convivial Annual General Meeting (with refreshments) at which you will, of course, be most welcome.

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