Celebrating 60 years of Greyfriars

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Greyfriars .

Let’s go for a WALK!

Let's Go For a Walk!

Lets Go For a Walk! – We Did It!

The Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society (RFFS) led a 60th Anniversary WALK for Ringwood’s popular Greyfriars Community Centre. The event took place on Saturday, 28 April 2018. RFFS are just one of the 70 affiliated clubs and organisations which, together with Greyfriars’ own clubs and various activities groups, have combined to make this the busy and thriving hub of Ringwood that it has become today.

Members of the Society were joined by a number of guests for the 3 mile walk which set off from Greyfriars under cloud laden skies. Thankfully the weather was kind and they returned two hours later to enjoy refreshments laid on by the Greyfriars Events Team.

The Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society was formed in 1974 to protect the interests of users of public paths by ensuring their reasonable maintenance and freedom from obstruction and their adequate signposting and waymarking. It aims to urge local authorities to discharge their responsibilities with regard to public paths and seeks to foster and maintain friendly co-operation between path users, landowners, local authorities and the community generally.

They meet at least once a week throughout the year. Every year they still walk a total of 150 footpaths to ensure that, during any three year period, they have covered all 450 footpaths in the 13 Parishes around the Avon Valley.

In the winter months they also have a series of meetings at Greyfriars which include talks by some excellent speakers.

Further information about RFFS can be found at (Please click) https://www.rffs.org.uk

Pam Brown took some excellent photos capturing the walk’s fun and enjoyment, so please click on this link:


Greyfriars President’s Tea Party

Wine, women and songs all contributed to the great success of the first event in 2018 to mark the 60th anniversary of Greyfriars Community Association. On Sunday January 21st about a hundred members and guests joined Greyfriars President Gillian Habbin for an afternoon tea at the Community Centre to celebrate not only Greyfriars 60th anniversary, but also Gillian’s 90th birthday.

Ann Pedersen, the Chairman of Greyfriars, welcomed everyone to the party and introduced a surprise guest, Gillian’s nephew David Habbin. This internationally acclaimed tenor treated his aunt and everyone else to a wonderful rendition of a selection of songs from the musicals, culminating in a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Gillian.

After a sumptuous tea provided by the ladies of Greyfriars Special Events Committee, Christine Hamilton, the daughter of Greyfriars’ first chairman Megan Holman, gave a speech in which she reminisced about her memories of the events leading up to the formation of the Community Association back in 1958. The centre soon became, according to Megan, ‘the warp and weft’ of the community.

Although Christine said she could just about remember a time before Greyfriars, she stressed that she could never remember a time without Gillian. She paid tribute to Gillian’s sixty years devotion to Greyfriars, as a founder member, as Warden from 1969 to 1995 and as President since 2011. Everyone was then invited to raise a glass of sparkling wine to toast both Greyfriars and Gillian, who thanked the assembled guests and, aided by Christine, used a ceremonial sword to cut the cake made by Brenda Titt and iced by Pam Adams. During the afternoon a memory book made by member Sheila Killen was passed around so that all could write their own personal messages to Gillian for her to keep as a memento of a very happy occasion.