Good afternoon everyone,

Firstly thank you so much to everyone for your messages of support  last week, as we made the decision in anticipation of the government directive to close our beloved Greyfriars for a little while. We very much want to stay in touch with you and I hope to send out updates at least a couple of times a week as things progress.

Secondly,  we have had some information from some local restaurants, cafes and delivery services that may be useful to some of you. In addition to Lovitaly and BJs, see below ,The Star are launching their takeaway service tomorrow evening 5-8.30 , call 01425 473105 for this service.

Some of you have asked about our exercise classes here at Greyfriars and we know how much you will be missing them. Sandie Wills our Pilates teacher has posted this on line for us all and there will be more to follow as the weeks go on. I have just popped the link for her last class but there are more on her website.
Click here

Many of you attend Martina’s brilliant Thursday morning class at Greyfriars and she has also promised to pop some videos on line but in the meantime from her website there is a short video of six exercises that are easy to do at home.
Click here –

Do keep in touch with us by email or phone…we will have the phones manned again from the 30th March and if you just want to pick up the phone please do, we will be happy to chat to you.

Any ideas of things that you may have of things you would find useful to see or hear about, again please let us know.

Although our minibuses are not able to pick up shoppers currently, Sam is busy phoning our shoppers the day before their shopping day and she has plans to put them in touch with the Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance group as we move forward. More details click here.

Thank you all, please do stay safe, stay home and stay well .

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to see details of BJs and Lovitaly.

We will be in touch again very soon.

Best wishes,

Claire, Anne & Sam

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Lovitaly Takeaway menu 

If you fancy a takeaway please try and use this service in order that Lovitaly, Cristina and Alessandro’s wonderful restaurant survives and will be there when we get through this difficult time. Lovitaly supports our Anglo Italian Club and last autumn, our Cheese & Wine evening too.










BJs of Ringwood who support our local trading estates are offering meals etc to your door. From Thomas this morning …  Please feel free to contact us on 01425 461800 or if we can be of assistance to you or a loved one and we can discuss in further detail the menu options and also how we are going to deliver. If you are calling the landline and there is no answer, please don’t hesitate to call me on my personal mobile 07411445641- (Thomas)