Phil West from our Bookshop Team, (as promised), has created a brilliant literary quiz so here goes…

Phil’s Fun Quiz to test your literary general knowledge!

  1. Which author is best known for his bestselling series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire? 
  2. Holden Caulfield, an icon for teenage angst and rebellion, is a fictonal character in which American literary classic?
  3. Which author, who passed away in 2016, was portrayed by Catherine Keener in the 2005 film Capote and by Sandra Bullock in the 2006 film Infamous?
  4. Novelist Gustave Flaubert was considered the leading exponent of literary realism in France, what is his best known novel?
  5. Colombian Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Marquez is best known for how many years of solitude?
  6. Who collaborated with his daughter Lucy, in 2007, to write the children’s book George’s Secret Key to the Universe?
  7. Which author’s breakthrough book was decribed by Salman Rushdie as a ‘book so bad it makes bad books look good’?
  8. Who declined the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature because he had consistently declined all official honours?
  9. Which author’s books include Coming Up for Air, and Homage to Catalonia?
  10. Whose book The Minpins was published in 1991, a few months after the author’s death in 1990?
  11. Which Italian novel for children has been adapted in over 240 languages?
  12. Which famous novelist was Governor General of Canada?
  13. Peter Mark Roget, a nineteenth century British physician, is best known for what type of book?
  14. Whose fourth novel featuring Robert Langdon, is a mystery thriller called Inferno?
  15. Who wrote the 2012 Booker Prize winning book Bring Up the Bodies?

For those of you who would like the answers now, well I am going to make you wait until the morning but I promise to post them then!

If anyone who is out walking daily, and would like to make up a Ringwood street name quiz or guess the name of a building quiz , I will happily share it with you all!

More tomorrow,

Stay safe & well,

Claire, Anne & Sam